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What Does the Health Care Plan Mean for Me?

If you’ve opened a newspaper in the last year, received a forwarded email, or had the TV on during a news program, you have received some information about the health care reform discussion in Congress. Frankly, most of what I’ve read has either been light on details or just plain false.

Everyone seems to agree that the current system is broken, but there doesn’t seem to be much agreement over how to fix it. My parents and their siblings are reaching the age where they’re looking at health care expenses. Our young family is healthy, but for various reasons, I am very interested in the movement away from employer-based health care.

The Christian Science Monitor has put together a great series on what the final bill means to you. I like how it simplifies the issues in terms of how it affects you. It has a piece that discusses just about every “type” of health consumer.

Health Care Reform 101

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