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Comcast Digital Cable Transition

Now that the FCC has successfully moved America off the analog broadcast TV spectrum onto digital TV, Comcast is mustering the will to turn off their analog customers and force everyone to upgrade to digital cable. I’m surprised how long it’s taken them to come to this, considering that switching to all-digital is in their best interest. But I’m sure they did not want to get caught up in the negative press surround the air signal transition.

Here are the interesting details of their plan:

  1. The lowest cost plan will continue at the same price.
  2. They will transition the entire Twin Cities area by the end of 2010, starting in western Wisconsin and moving west. We should be in-line by fall.
  3. Each household will be eligible for three FREE digital adapter boxes. Even if the TV is equipped for digital, they are required one each TV.
  4. The basic plan will include 15 channels not currently on the analog basic plan. They mention PBS Sprout, which is very popular around our house.

Since our promotional price runs out later in the spring, we’ll be downgrading to the basic service then. It’s nice to know that we’ll lose a few fewer channels than we expected. I’m curious to hear if any readers have moved to basic broadcast TV + Internet around their house. I will share more about our journey as we move along. This transition will force the issue for us. And hopefully save us quite a bit of money in the process.

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